... Objektif asas dalam mana-mana sistem pendidikan adalah untuk memastikan setiap murid dibekalkan dengan ilmu dan kemahiran untuk berjaya dalam kehidupan...



Why Choose Frog?
Frog is the only learning platform that thinks about how the technology is used and how it engages your entire school. When your entire school is engaged you can achieve anything.

Capture the imagination of your students and create engaging and interactive learning resources using your Frog platform. The magic of Frog is hearing the pride in a teacher’s voice when they tell you how they’ve built their own web page that really gets the attention of their students.
Is it possible to build software that makes people feel empowered, a sense of pride and achievement without them investing months or years learning how to program software? We believe the answer is yes.
We can’t claim that everyone that comes into contact with Frog gets this, but a significant enough number of people in each school do, and it turns out that that’s enough to make an impact.

Build your learning platform with passion and really make it your own. With access to hundreds of widgets, you do just this by creating your own personal learning areas, and customising your dashboard with the information that matters to you.

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